Our Process


NEW CUSTOMERS: $1.50 per pound

RETURNING CUSTOMERS: $1.25 per pound

How does this work?

1. Fill out our Work Request FormSomeone will reply within 2-3 business days.  A Shred Support Specialist will be assigned to you and we will set up a drop-off date and address.

2.  Bring your paper in a shred-support bag, your own bag, or a box to the drop-off point on the assigned date.

3.  We now offer limited pick-up service.  Let us know if you would prefer for us to pick up your order.

4.  Once we receive the shred order, we weigh it so we can determine the cost. We email you to let you know the weight.

5.  Your shredding will be destroyed confidentially and then recycled.

6.  Once the shredding is complete, we send your invoice. This also serves as your confirmation that the shred job has been completed.

What do we shred?

Primarily paper!  Our shredding machines have the capability of shredding staples, and we can remove random paper clips. We will remove any folded paper from envelopes with a plastic window on it. If there are no personal markings on the envelope, we will recycle the envelope rather than shred it. We have a separate shredder for CDs and credit cards. Please note that the CDs and credit card 'shred' are not recyclable. The micro-cut plastic 'shred' is contained in its own trash bag and disposed of in the weekly trash collection. 

We cannot shred folders, plastic envelopes, binder and paper clips, adhesive-backed labels, polaroid pictures, and crumpled receipts.


We are committed to maintaining confidentiality for all of our customers.  To that end, we schedule orders only when we are ready to begin shredding -- the day we receive your papers is the day we begin shredding them. You will receive a confirmation email when your job is completed.

We have convenient canvas bags to fill with papers that need to be shredded. 

One filled bag holds approximately 10 pounds. 

A complimentary bag is provided to each new customer. Additional bags can be purchased for $5/bag